Wealth Management


Futureview manages and creates wealth for High Net worth Individuals, High Income professionals, Cooperatives, Corporate bodies, Pension Funds etc. The value that we add to each individual client’s portfolio management is the direct result of our investment recommendations, our asset management and portfolio review process and the successful integration of our carefully selected product offerings.

Our Business Model is both unique and effective:

Instead of being solely aligned to a proprietary platform of investment products, Futureview accesses the entire marketplace, carefully examining and selecting only those investment sub-advisors with proven categorical performance and cost effectiveness. Thus, our line of investment products is distinct, successful and cost effective.

Portfolio Management Services (Stocks & Investment Management):

We assist individuals and institutional investors by managing their investments in the stock market. This is done either on a nominee or portfolio management basis.

Investment Advisory Services:

We provide expert investment advisory services on investment outlets and opportunities to both local and foreign clientele.

Retirement and Financial Planning:

As part of our value added services, we provide training for our clients on how to manage their resources to enable them maintain good living standards after retirement.

Why Futureview Wealth Management?

We employ a systematic investment approach based on sound financial research

We select investments for clients with requisite models  consistent with the objectives of their portfolio

We monitor the global money & capital markets for new investment opportunities for our clients

We diversify the portfolio of our clients with a view of reducing risk while improving returns