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Futureview Asset Management delivers expert global asset management services, spanning traditional and alternative investments—equities, fixed income securities, cash, and real estate. Catering to a diverse clientele, including corporations, high-net-worth individuals, and small savers, we provide tailored investment opportunities to optimize returns. Our commitment lies in navigating the dynamic landscape of financial markets, ensuring strategic and informed decisions that align with the unique goals and risk profiles of our clients.

Asset Manager
Capital Preservation

Our primary objective is to preserve our clients’ capital and consistently generate positive real returns.


We understand that relationships are built on the highest standards of service and integrity.


We provide clients with unbiased advice, grounded in thorough research, ensuring the investment decisions.

Efficient Execution & Seize Opportunities

Portfolio Management

At Futureview Asset Management, we guide individuals in optimizing their financial portfolios by strategically investing in a diverse range of stocks listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Our personalized approach ensures that clients achieve their financial goals through informed investment decisions.

Estate/Succession Planning

In partnership with our skilled trustees, we go beyond ensuring the seamless transfer of your wealth to the next generation with optimal tax efficiency. Our comprehensive services encompass the establishment of a family office, providing a structured approach to institutionalize your wealth, and expertly managing Endowment funds to safeguard and enhance your financial legacy.

Structured Products

At Futureview, we specialize in crafting tailor-made investment instruments designed to help investors achieve specific objectives. Whether through our meticulously structured products or exclusive private equity opportunities, we offer a personalized approach to investment, aligning with the unique goals and preferences of our clients.

Pooled Investment Products

Explore collective investment opportunities with our meticulously designed schemes, such as the Futureview Dollar Fund and Futureview Equity Fund. These mutual funds provide a strategic avenue for investors to pool their resources, benefiting from diversified portfolios and professional fund management, all aimed at optimizing returns and managing risks effectively.

Private Investment Opportunities

Our company facilitates access to premium private investment opportunities through a structured fund format or collaborative co-investments. This approach enables investors to participate in exclusive ventures, leveraging our expertise to navigate and capitalize on unique investment prospects within the private sector.

Corporate Cash Management

We acknowledge the pivotal role of treasury management in an organization's daily operations and long-term success. Our tailored services aim to optimize your cash operations, preserve capital, enhance liquidity, and mitigate risk, ensuring you derive maximum value from your financial activities.

Our process



Our dedicated team meticulously examines market trends and economic indicators, employing a strategic approach to formulate personalized asset allocation strategies that align with the unique financial goals and risk profiles of our clients. Through in-depth analysis and continuous monitoring, we ensure that the investment portfolios we design not only adapt to evolving market conditions but also optimize returns while effectively managing risks.


Creating a Customized Asset Allocation

Our team conducts a comprehensive assessment of your portfolio needs, intricately weighing various quantitative factors such as risk tolerance, investment horizon, and financial objectives. This meticulous approach allows us to discern the optimal asset allocation tailored specifically to your unique financial profile.


Collaborative Approach

Our Corporate Cash Specialists prioritize you as the focal point of FVAM’s comprehensive resources. This ensures your access to tailored products, encompassing fixed income new issues, coupled with user-friendly custom reporting designed to align with your risk profile, all aimed at optimizing your financial objectives.


Ongoing Review

Ongoing Review at Futureview Asset Management involves continuous evaluation and adjustment of your investment strategy. Our dedicated team regularly monitors market dynamics, economic trends, and your financial goals to ensure that your portfolio remains aligned with your objectives.

Equity Fund

Futureview Equity Fund

Invest in the Futureview Equity Fund from ₦50,000 and up. Let’s take the heat off you.

Dollar Fund

Futureview Dollar Fund

Invest in the Futureview Dollar Fund from $500 and up. Let’s take the heat off you.