Empowering MSMEs: Futureview’s Strategic Collaboration with the Bank of Industry (BOI)

Empowering MSMEs

In the ever-evolving landscape of Micro, Small, and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria, Futureview has emerged as a stalwart Business Development Service Provider (BDSP) dedicated to propelling businesses toward success. With a rich history spanning 27 years, our firm has cultivated successful partnerships with both local and international corporate entities. At the heart of our commitment lies a strategic collaboration with the Bank of Industry (BOI), the National Development Bank with a resolute mandate to support and foster the growth of MSMEs across the nation.

Our Role as a BDSP:

Futureview’s journey as a BDSP has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, offering a spectrum of services designed to assist businesses in achieving their corporate objectives. Through a holistic approach encompassing Training, Consultancy, Marketing Strategies, Information Technology, Business Process Re-engineering, and Business Linkage Promotion, we aim to elevate enterprise performance, expand market access, and enhance overall competitiveness.

Bank of Industry Nigeria

Accreditation by the Bank of Industry

The pinnacle of our commitment to MSMEs is our accreditation as a BDSP by the Bank of Industry. As a National Development Bank, BOI plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth by nurturing a new generation of industrial concerns. Futureview’s collaboration with BOI is grounded in a shared vision of supporting and developing MSMEs in Nigeria.

“At Futureview, we invite businesses to join us in shaping a future where MSMEs thrive“

BOI Funding Criteria

For businesses aspiring to secure BOI funding through Futureview, adherence to specific criteria is imperative. The key requirements include:

  • Formal Engagement Letter: The initiation of the funding process requires the submission of a formal letter engaging Futureview as the BDSP to facilitate the Loan Application with BOI.
  • Business Plan Submission: The provision of an existing Business Plan, if available, for comprehensive review.
  • Dedicated Liaison Officer: Nomination of a full-time dedicated staff member, holding a minimum of a B.Sc/HND or equivalent degree, to serve as a liaison officer throughout the process.
  • Contact Details and CV: Submission of detailed contact information and the Curriculum Vitae of the nominated liaison officer.
  • Management Team Overview: Furnishing a comprehensive list of the Management team along with their profiles. 
  • Agreement Signing: The Managing Director/Proprietor/Board of Directors must sign a post-Finance Services/Consulting Agreement for the duration of the loan.

Application Process

For a deeper understanding of the qualification criteria and requirements, potential clients are encouraged to peruse the teaser here for more details. Those ready to embark on the journey of becoming Futureview’s client and applying for a BOI loan can initiate the process by contacting us through [email protected].


As Futureview propels forward in its mission to empower MSMEs, the strategic collaboration with BOI underscores our dedication to providing tailored Business Development Services and facilitating financial support for businesses in Nigeria. This collaboration serves as a testament to our commitment to the growth and success of businesses in the dynamic economic landscape of Nigeria.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

At Futureview, we invite businesses to join us in shaping a future where MSMEs thrive. Our strategic collaboration with the Bank of Industry is more than a partnership; it’s a commitment to fostering economic growth, driving innovation, and empowering the backbone of Nigeria’s economy. Let us work together to unlock the full potential of your enterprise and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Nigeria’s business landscape.